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Golden Dragon and Rider.


Dragons have been heard about for thousand of years. Some have wings, others spikes... some can even breath fire, ice and gasses. But Dragons can also be great companoins. If you take the time to know them you can be a well known Zorian.


Dragons often have a habit of being somewhat wiser than their owners. They will keep information from them until they think they are ready. This is not a bad aspect, but it can be irritating. Its the same as if you were a really get to know them and you find yourself similar in personality (eg. finding you seem to be keeping information from your partner or friend and not tellling them until the 'right moment').


Dragons in the wild are mainly neutral. But they tend to collect a owner by the age of 20.


  • Dragons are considered friendly, beautiful beasts.
  • Dragon however are not allowed within cities.
  • Dragons originated from Dracodia.
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